Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Food in Macau 澳门美食

Delicious and Unique food in Macau

As a food lover, another reason for travel is to taste and enjoy the food in other places. If you are the kind that likes dessert and Chinese food, Hong Kong is a good choice. In fact due to the living cost in Hong Kong, their food if compare to those Asia country, is consider slightly high!

We start from the good food in Macau

Egg Tart
~ Portuguese Egg Tart is origin from Macau. The Portuguese egg tart here is very nice but the price is not cheap. It cost HK 7 per piece!!! If in Malaysia, I believe RM 1.20 you already can get one. But if you went there, you definitely must try! Their egg tart is different !

Dessert : Steamed Milk ( Milk Pudding)
~ Hong Kist is well known in keeping herself looks young! This steamed milk is in fact a high protein dessert and again low cholesterol! For those that like milk, I think you will like the dessert very much!

Dried Pork Slice
~ What I regret the most in my Macau trip is I did not buy dried pork slice, i only manage to try it on the spot! I had never tried such a nice pork slice before. The pork slice is thick and juicy, when you bite it, you can feel the honey spilling out from pork! You feel contented as the pork slice is so thick!

Egg Roll
~ What I suggest to tourist is, only buy the egg roll on the sport in Macau. The egg roll is nice and fresh. When I realize I don’t buy enough as souvenir for friend, I bought it in other places (Hong Kong Island). I find the quality is totally different! So make sure you buy in Macau and on the sport they make it!

Traditional homemade Almond biscuits
~ Almond biscuits are nice when they are still fresh (means just baked) . The biscuits are so crispy and nice.

Portugal Meal
~ Give it a try, if you have never tried Portugal Meal in Macau. For me, it doesn’t taste very well, but is special! The food style is a combination of Chinese and Portugal, so the taste is more to sweet and spicy. Popular Portugal meal is Pork Rib and Coconut prawn. Don’t forget to try this !

Pork Chop Burger
~ Is one of the "must try" food in macau. Is not very special, but i think can try, cause is quite cheap ( HKD 5 ) you can get one :P. Even Mc-Donald there also sell this pork chop burger