Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Hong Kong tourist attraction

Hong Kong Tourist Attraction:

1.Victoria Peak
- A good place for Hong Kong night view. HK night view is really good !At the peak there, there is Madame Tussauds Hong Kong.There we can we have close up with your favourite actor/actress.

pic 1 : Victoria Peak pic 2: Theresa Thung at wax museum
2.Ocean Park
- Good place for teenagers ! But I think I love to see the dolphin show there! For youngsters that like those exciting game, here is the place

- New place for children. I like Mickey but inside there, I don’t find any interesting games except for the 3D Show. For those that never been to Disneyland, may be can go.

4.Giant Buddha
- Is one of the popular tourist attraction. I even climb up to the top and pray.

5.Wong Tai Sin
- The popular temple for Hongkist. We can always see this in the Hong Kong drama series

6.Gold House
- Wow, I think this is my first time to see so many gold made stuff. The entrance fee is HKD 25 .and it has nothing much to see Moreover, to go that area, it is not easy to take bus. So we end up taking cab and it is quite costly. But a good view as well.

7.Ladies Street and Temple Street
- For ladies street, you can buy a lot of stuff especially ladies stuff and also souvenir. Whereas in temple street, you can still buy souvenir. The temple street is the one that usually appear in TVB drama series

8.Avenue of Star
-You can see your super star .. palm ...haha :P

8.Lam Kwai Fong
- A popular place of entertainment and nightlife where Hong Kist usually go.

Food in Hong Kong

Good Food in Hong Kong

1.Roasted Goose with Wan Tan Mee
~ The roasted goose is really fantastic, this dish is one of the uniqueness in HK , you will notice this if you are a TVB fans. I eat the drumstick part of the roasted goose, it cost HKD 50 per piece (RM 25) . But the taste is good, and is worth it for a food lover as me. Their Wan Tan Mee is called as “捞面”, is different from Malaysia and Singapore wan tan mee. So you must try this as well!

2.Breakfast Dim Sum
~ The prawn dumpling and meat dumpling is very nice. The size is big and you can feel the freshness of the prawn and meat. Don’t forget to try their “Pao” as well. You will feel the different, and if you are looking for a quality food, their dim sum really nice. Highlighted Dim Sum : Prawn Dumpling, Pao (流沙包), cheese baked prawn, egg tart, 盐水饺 Fried Sticky Dumpling, peking spare ribs.

3.Coffee + Tea (鸳鸯) and Ice Tea (奶茶)
~ Try the local coffee tea and ice tea in HK. It is very nice although the price is very expensive (HKD 16 per cup). Expensive right! But sometimes, if you eat with me, the whole set is cheaper.
4.Ice blended Pomelo drink
~ Just from the moment you reach HK, you will notice “许留山” shop. Guess what the shop sells, it sold all the sweet dessert in hot or ice blended. One of the uniqueness I feel is the ice blended Pomelo drink plus the snow jelly. It cost you HKD 20 per cup or HKD 30 for 2 cup.

5.阿旺汤圆 Sweet Dumpling and 杨枝甘露
~ Is is not very special, but the sweet dumpling is nice with black sesame soup. The 杨枝甘露 is actually the ice blended mango with pomelo. Quite nice.

~ A recommended dishes if you trying their Chinese dishes in hawker centre.

7.Abalone and Sea Cucumber
~ If you are affordable, don’t forget to try those good food, abalone. I notice the price is quite reasonable and cheaper compare to Malaysia. But unfortunately, I don’t have enough time to take it, as my schedule is too hectic. I had it during my Shanghai trip, and the price is really cheaper than M’sia and SG. So try it !!

Tips in HK and Macau

Tips in HK and Macau

1.Don’t exchange for all HKD 1000 note
- If you go and do currency exchange, try to request more in HKD 500 note. Cause certain place, especially those small stalls, they won’t accept HKD 1000 note. They will request you to change, else they prefer don’t want to sell. This is because there has been fraud case in this HKD 1000 note.

2.Prepare enough small change when take bus
- Please prepare enough small change when you take bus, cause, they wont give you the change if you have big note. You have to pay at an exact value of your bus fare.

3.Minimum charges in any Kopitiam or shop (茶餐廳)
- There are always minimum charges on each person in coffee house or any shop. So make sure you aware this, this happen in most of the shops! It has become a silent rule :P

4.1-Day unlimited MTR fare
- Make sure you plan your destination well. If your destination is mostly using the MTR on that day , you can buy the 1-Day unlimited MTR ticket. The 1-Day is 24 hours from the time you buy, so is quite worth! I can share with you the way I arrange my public transport in my blog.

5.Bring water along
- Bear in mind, the drinks in HK is very expensive. It is not like M’sia or SG, RM 1 or SGD 1 can get a bottle of mineral water. Their Ying Yong, is HKD 16 per cup and even the water sold by the roadside is around HKD 5 to HKD 10 per cup. Mineral water 500 ml HKD 10 .
- One thing good in HK, their tap water is quite clean ( may be not industrial area). So we used to boil water in the hotel, you wont feel the smell of the tap water ( For my case, my hotel is quite ok) .

6.Don’t stay around too expensive area.
- My friend stayed in Kowloon hotel ( SGD 200++) per night.But she end up regret in staying there. The hotel is considered high class, and near the avenue of star. But that area don’t have stalls, but only a shopping centre. That area is quite quiet after 10pm. So you hardly enjoy night time seeing the culture and living of Hong Kong people, and enjoy the nice food.

7.Only buy those Macau nice food in Macau street
- For egg roll and almond biscuits, only buy on the spot you tried the food. If you buy at the air port or HK, you will feel disappointed. But the almond biscuits, I feel the take away and the tried on spot are different!! Of course, the one try on the spot is fantastic :P

8.Bring Sun Block and umbrella or disposable rain coat
- If you are going at the month of May till November, don’t miss these two things ! I think the weather forecast is a bit inaccurate, during my time, it shows all the five days “Rain Heavily”, but the time I go, I get sun-burn :P . While my another friend, is different case, the weather forecast shows with Sun, but end up rain all the days.

9.Sport Shoes and some cosmetic stuff worth buying
- I think for those branded sport shoes, is cheaper in HK compare to M’sia or SG. I have one pair of Adidas shoes, where I bought RM 240 in M’sia, but I can get another with different pattern at only RM 100 . I saw my friends buying the cosmetic stuff, and she say the price is 70% of M’sia ( means discount 30%) .

* Ps : will update the tips if i recall or get feedback from friends :)

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Macau Tourist Attraction

A few famous tourist spot : (Recommended)

1. Historic Centre of Macao (in the area of 大三芭 Da San Ba)
- The very famous Christian cathedral, which is now the remains ever since a disastrous fire in 1835. It is a 400 years historical building!! There is one museum located next to this building. Inside the museum, it will show the culture and the history of Macau. Worth Seeing!!

Christian cathedral


-Food Street (Largo do Senado - Town Square)
Along the path, is the so called “food street” … you can buy your almond biscuits, egg roll with seaweed, pork slice, Portuguese meal, steam milk …….

Just a friendly reminder, especially egg roll, only buys at that street. Those sold outside, especially Hong Kong, has totally different quality! You will be given a few sample, so just try and buy at the specific shop :P if you feel it suits your flavor.

Town Square

For steam milk, may be you can try the “Yi Shun” 義順牛奶 shop ( Got Cow as symbol) .. there are still a few options ! This shop has a few branches in HK also , so if you miss this, can still see in HK island. Price per bowl is HDK 18 but in HK is HKD 20

For Portugese meal, is quite expensive but must try also :P , I can’t recall the name.The way they cook quite special, the restaurant decoration quite nice.. good environment .

2. Goddess Kuan Yin Statue
- Just for sight seeing. But for me a buddhist, i like this !

3. Lotus Flower
- Introduced in 1999 when Macao returned to the motherland of China. If you miss this, you still can see in HK :P but stand for different meaning !

4. Ah Ma Temple
- The oldest temple in the city. A very popular and important place to the resident there !

5. Casino – Grand Lisboa or others !
- There are 26 casinos in Macau (not sure the data is updated or not J ), is a “MUST GO” tourist attraction ! The design of the casino is very nice and high class. Worth seeing!!! You can try your luck also, but the unit is in USD :P (means the minimum gamble is quite high)
- To go this Casino, as long as you are at the jetty, there are a lot of free shuttle bus to fetch you over
- Food in the casino, is very cheap. * this is their tactic ( just HKD 20 can get a full set of food and drinks )

6. Towers of Macau
- View of whole Macau island. You can even play bungee jump :D

My Personal Experience :

I went with a guided half day tours ( RM 40 ) in Macau. From 11am till 4pm. The tours can be booked on the spot. They will bring you to all the places stated above, except the casino. There are free shuttle from Jetty to Casino ( to and fro).

Advantages :
1. Cause as seened above, some places are just for sight seeing. You wont need to spend much time there. ( wont feel the luxury for your free and easy)
2. The tour will give you enough time for the time in Historic Centre of Macao 大三芭 . Cause i think there is the most interesting place
3. There is no MTR in macau. So the transport is quite inconvenient.
4. Got interesting story to listen,historical story on macau and Macau - Casino tycoon, Stanley Ho ( Will even bring you to pass by fantastic house )

Disadvantages :
1. Got one place called "TaiPa" i feel is too boring :p waste my time ! but is just half an hour :p
That place is not recommended :P

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Food in Macau 澳门美食

Delicious and Unique food in Macau

As a food lover, another reason for travel is to taste and enjoy the food in other places. If you are the kind that likes dessert and Chinese food, Hong Kong is a good choice. In fact due to the living cost in Hong Kong, their food if compare to those Asia country, is consider slightly high!

We start from the good food in Macau

Egg Tart
~ Portuguese Egg Tart is origin from Macau. The Portuguese egg tart here is very nice but the price is not cheap. It cost HK 7 per piece!!! If in Malaysia, I believe RM 1.20 you already can get one. But if you went there, you definitely must try! Their egg tart is different !

Dessert : Steamed Milk ( Milk Pudding)
~ Hong Kist is well known in keeping herself looks young! This steamed milk is in fact a high protein dessert and again low cholesterol! For those that like milk, I think you will like the dessert very much!

Dried Pork Slice
~ What I regret the most in my Macau trip is I did not buy dried pork slice, i only manage to try it on the spot! I had never tried such a nice pork slice before. The pork slice is thick and juicy, when you bite it, you can feel the honey spilling out from pork! You feel contented as the pork slice is so thick!

Egg Roll
~ What I suggest to tourist is, only buy the egg roll on the sport in Macau. The egg roll is nice and fresh. When I realize I don’t buy enough as souvenir for friend, I bought it in other places (Hong Kong Island). I find the quality is totally different! So make sure you buy in Macau and on the sport they make it!

Traditional homemade Almond biscuits
~ Almond biscuits are nice when they are still fresh (means just baked) . The biscuits are so crispy and nice.

Portugal Meal
~ Give it a try, if you have never tried Portugal Meal in Macau. For me, it doesn’t taste very well, but is special! The food style is a combination of Chinese and Portugal, so the taste is more to sweet and spicy. Popular Portugal meal is Pork Rib and Coconut prawn. Don’t forget to try this !

Pork Chop Burger
~ Is one of the "must try" food in macau. Is not very special, but i think can try, cause is quite cheap ( HKD 5 ) you can get one :P. Even Mc-Donald there also sell this pork chop burger