Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Food in Hong Kong

Good Food in Hong Kong

1.Roasted Goose with Wan Tan Mee
~ The roasted goose is really fantastic, this dish is one of the uniqueness in HK , you will notice this if you are a TVB fans. I eat the drumstick part of the roasted goose, it cost HKD 50 per piece (RM 25) . But the taste is good, and is worth it for a food lover as me. Their Wan Tan Mee is called as “捞面”, is different from Malaysia and Singapore wan tan mee. So you must try this as well!

2.Breakfast Dim Sum
~ The prawn dumpling and meat dumpling is very nice. The size is big and you can feel the freshness of the prawn and meat. Don’t forget to try their “Pao” as well. You will feel the different, and if you are looking for a quality food, their dim sum really nice. Highlighted Dim Sum : Prawn Dumpling, Pao (流沙包), cheese baked prawn, egg tart, 盐水饺 Fried Sticky Dumpling, peking spare ribs.

3.Coffee + Tea (鸳鸯) and Ice Tea (奶茶)
~ Try the local coffee tea and ice tea in HK. It is very nice although the price is very expensive (HKD 16 per cup). Expensive right! But sometimes, if you eat with me, the whole set is cheaper.
4.Ice blended Pomelo drink
~ Just from the moment you reach HK, you will notice “许留山” shop. Guess what the shop sells, it sold all the sweet dessert in hot or ice blended. One of the uniqueness I feel is the ice blended Pomelo drink plus the snow jelly. It cost you HKD 20 per cup or HKD 30 for 2 cup.

5.阿旺汤圆 Sweet Dumpling and 杨枝甘露
~ Is is not very special, but the sweet dumpling is nice with black sesame soup. The 杨枝甘露 is actually the ice blended mango with pomelo. Quite nice.

~ A recommended dishes if you trying their Chinese dishes in hawker centre.

7.Abalone and Sea Cucumber
~ If you are affordable, don’t forget to try those good food, abalone. I notice the price is quite reasonable and cheaper compare to Malaysia. But unfortunately, I don’t have enough time to take it, as my schedule is too hectic. I had it during my Shanghai trip, and the price is really cheaper than M’sia and SG. So try it !!

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