Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Tips in HK and Macau

Tips in HK and Macau

1.Don’t exchange for all HKD 1000 note
- If you go and do currency exchange, try to request more in HKD 500 note. Cause certain place, especially those small stalls, they won’t accept HKD 1000 note. They will request you to change, else they prefer don’t want to sell. This is because there has been fraud case in this HKD 1000 note.

2.Prepare enough small change when take bus
- Please prepare enough small change when you take bus, cause, they wont give you the change if you have big note. You have to pay at an exact value of your bus fare.

3.Minimum charges in any Kopitiam or shop (茶餐廳)
- There are always minimum charges on each person in coffee house or any shop. So make sure you aware this, this happen in most of the shops! It has become a silent rule :P

4.1-Day unlimited MTR fare
- Make sure you plan your destination well. If your destination is mostly using the MTR on that day , you can buy the 1-Day unlimited MTR ticket. The 1-Day is 24 hours from the time you buy, so is quite worth! I can share with you the way I arrange my public transport in my blog.

5.Bring water along
- Bear in mind, the drinks in HK is very expensive. It is not like M’sia or SG, RM 1 or SGD 1 can get a bottle of mineral water. Their Ying Yong, is HKD 16 per cup and even the water sold by the roadside is around HKD 5 to HKD 10 per cup. Mineral water 500 ml HKD 10 .
- One thing good in HK, their tap water is quite clean ( may be not industrial area). So we used to boil water in the hotel, you wont feel the smell of the tap water ( For my case, my hotel is quite ok) .

6.Don’t stay around too expensive area.
- My friend stayed in Kowloon hotel ( SGD 200++) per night.But she end up regret in staying there. The hotel is considered high class, and near the avenue of star. But that area don’t have stalls, but only a shopping centre. That area is quite quiet after 10pm. So you hardly enjoy night time seeing the culture and living of Hong Kong people, and enjoy the nice food.

7.Only buy those Macau nice food in Macau street
- For egg roll and almond biscuits, only buy on the spot you tried the food. If you buy at the air port or HK, you will feel disappointed. But the almond biscuits, I feel the take away and the tried on spot are different!! Of course, the one try on the spot is fantastic :P

8.Bring Sun Block and umbrella or disposable rain coat
- If you are going at the month of May till November, don’t miss these two things ! I think the weather forecast is a bit inaccurate, during my time, it shows all the five days “Rain Heavily”, but the time I go, I get sun-burn :P . While my another friend, is different case, the weather forecast shows with Sun, but end up rain all the days.

9.Sport Shoes and some cosmetic stuff worth buying
- I think for those branded sport shoes, is cheaper in HK compare to M’sia or SG. I have one pair of Adidas shoes, where I bought RM 240 in M’sia, but I can get another with different pattern at only RM 100 . I saw my friends buying the cosmetic stuff, and she say the price is 70% of M’sia ( means discount 30%) .

* Ps : will update the tips if i recall or get feedback from friends :)


Belle said...

Drop me comment or query, if you need more information. I will try to find out for you !

Anonymous said...

planning to go Macau for a trip. Any ideas where to stay ,shop and eat.prefer to stay in a places where have nice view nice food and also nice casino near by. althought i dont gamble ,but i wish to go and have a look.

Belle said...


Actually i din stay in Macau, cause i have my first day (till 4pm) in Macau and my last day ( around half day also )in macau, as i am taking air asia. My last day i spend in Casino :P i think is quite nice... Sorry for Macau stay, i personally can't share the point, but will get some input from my friends :)

Belle said...

Hi,my friend recommend Metropole in Macau. THe location is quite ideal,it is a walking distance to both Casino and the Macau centre. But one thing suggest by her is, if you want to book online, dont book for triple bed stuff !

yenlee_sk said...

We plan to got Macau for short trip. But we wish to travel to HK by ferry daytime. Which hotel is the best recommended near to Da San Ba?