Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Macau Tourist Attraction

A few famous tourist spot : (Recommended)

1. Historic Centre of Macao (in the area of 大三芭 Da San Ba)
- The very famous Christian cathedral, which is now the remains ever since a disastrous fire in 1835. It is a 400 years historical building!! There is one museum located next to this building. Inside the museum, it will show the culture and the history of Macau. Worth Seeing!!

Christian cathedral


-Food Street (Largo do Senado - Town Square)
Along the path, is the so called “food street” … you can buy your almond biscuits, egg roll with seaweed, pork slice, Portuguese meal, steam milk …….

Just a friendly reminder, especially egg roll, only buys at that street. Those sold outside, especially Hong Kong, has totally different quality! You will be given a few sample, so just try and buy at the specific shop :P if you feel it suits your flavor.

Town Square

For steam milk, may be you can try the “Yi Shun” 義順牛奶 shop ( Got Cow as symbol) .. there are still a few options ! This shop has a few branches in HK also , so if you miss this, can still see in HK island. Price per bowl is HDK 18 but in HK is HKD 20

For Portugese meal, is quite expensive but must try also :P , I can’t recall the name.The way they cook quite special, the restaurant decoration quite nice.. good environment .

2. Goddess Kuan Yin Statue
- Just for sight seeing. But for me a buddhist, i like this !

3. Lotus Flower
- Introduced in 1999 when Macao returned to the motherland of China. If you miss this, you still can see in HK :P but stand for different meaning !

4. Ah Ma Temple
- The oldest temple in the city. A very popular and important place to the resident there !

5. Casino – Grand Lisboa or others !
- There are 26 casinos in Macau (not sure the data is updated or not J ), is a “MUST GO” tourist attraction ! The design of the casino is very nice and high class. Worth seeing!!! You can try your luck also, but the unit is in USD :P (means the minimum gamble is quite high)
- To go this Casino, as long as you are at the jetty, there are a lot of free shuttle bus to fetch you over
- Food in the casino, is very cheap. * this is their tactic ( just HKD 20 can get a full set of food and drinks )

6. Towers of Macau
- View of whole Macau island. You can even play bungee jump :D

My Personal Experience :

I went with a guided half day tours ( RM 40 ) in Macau. From 11am till 4pm. The tours can be booked on the spot. They will bring you to all the places stated above, except the casino. There are free shuttle from Jetty to Casino ( to and fro).

Advantages :
1. Cause as seened above, some places are just for sight seeing. You wont need to spend much time there. ( wont feel the luxury for your free and easy)
2. The tour will give you enough time for the time in Historic Centre of Macao 大三芭 . Cause i think there is the most interesting place
3. There is no MTR in macau. So the transport is quite inconvenient.
4. Got interesting story to listen,historical story on macau and Macau - Casino tycoon, Stanley Ho ( Will even bring you to pass by fantastic house )

Disadvantages :
1. Got one place called "TaiPa" i feel is too boring :p waste my time ! but is just half an hour :p
That place is not recommended :P


oostryckblog said...

Thank you so much for the information , we'll be going to HK at the end of Next month and would like to go to Macau for a day, it's nice to know that there is a half day tour that we can join when we get there, as you've stated: the transport is not convenience.

someone that misses macau a lot :P said...

I miss macauuuuuu !!! :(